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All-electric hypercar, with a maximum power of 5221 hp (3840 kW), 8880 Nm of torque, a top speed of 568+ km/h (353+ mph) and a
power-to-weight ratio of up to 2.64 hp/kg.


Available in 4 versions, also applicable for all other Alieno models:
RP5 with power of 5221 hp,
RP4 with power of 4351 hp,
RP3 with power of 3481 hp
RP2 with power of 2610 hp.
Where RP stands for “Raw Power”, while the corresponding number after it (5, 4, 3, 2) shows the approximate power in thousands of horsepower.


Each of the versions is available in 3 basic modifications: STR (Street), TRC (Track) and RCE (Race), whose basic dynamic characteristics are the same and only differ by standards and homologations they meet.


Arcanum will have an innovative Alieno chassis, built entirely from pre-preg carbon-fiber, kevlar/aramid and aluminum honeycomb core and consists of monocoque, front and rear subframes. The bottom will be further reinforced with pre-preg carbon-kevlar.


The exterior will be built entirely from Alieno robotic pre-preg carbon-kevlar panels.


The interior will be made of Alieno pre-preg carbon-kevlar details, leather and Alcantara.


The interior of ALIENO ARCANUM is distinguished by the elongated hexagons used in it and several ALIENO multifunctional multi-touch displays, which allow complete personalization by the user.


The color palette of the panels and the material of the seats can be made according to the customer’s preferences, and the available adaptive ambient LED lighting in the interior is easily configurable to be in sync with the other elements.


Arcanum will be equipped with ALIENO pre-preg carbon-kevlar, fully air-conditioned, fully electrically-adjustable and with memory robotic sports and racing seats with memory foam, leather and Alcantara. An ALIENO quick release, pre-preg carbon-kevlar racing type steering wheel with fully electrically-adjustable memory robotic steering column and robotic pedal box, as well as Alieno robotic power steering with variable ratio, speed sensitive and selectable modes will be available.


Except with this version of the interior, called DIA (Default Interior of ARCANUM), ALIENO ARCANUM is available also with several others, details of which will be further revealed. (not sure what we mean here)


Arcanum will have two Alieno robotic pre-preg carbon-kevlar Butterfly wing doors, Alieno robotic intelligent air conditioning system, Alieno aerodynamic side digital mirrors, Alieno front and rear adaptive matrix LED lights and Alieno robotic pre-preg carbon-kevlar wheels.


Arcanum will have innovative active, robotic and adaptive aerodynamics, with a lot of active robotic elements, flaps and mechanisms, part of which are visible in the exterior design, while others are inside the car.


Arcanum will be driven by an innovative Alieno direct drive electric powertrain, realized with three (in the RP2 version) and up to six (in the RP5 version) electric motors per wheel. That makes a total of 12 to 24 electric motors. The electric motors will be connected with a common connecting axis, to transfer the power to the according wheel through a half-shaft.


Given the ALIENO direct drive, the torque of the powertrain and the wheels is identical and is 8880 Nm in the RP5 version, 7400 Nm in the RP4 version, 5920 Nm in the RP3 version, and 4440 Nm in the RP2 version, and is practically available from 0 to the maximum rpm of the electric motors, i.e. at any speed of the car. (not sure what we mean)


Arcanum will be powered by an innovative ALIENO battery, composed of Graphene LiPo cells and Supercapacitors.


The battery will be available in the following 3 variants: SBP (Street Battery Pack), with a capacity of 180 kWh, TBP (Track Battery Pack) with a capacity of 120 kWh and RBP (Race Battery Pack) with capacity of 60 kWh.


ALIENO ARCANUM has overall length of 5240 mm, overall width of 2180 mm (without and with the ALIENO aerodynamic side digital mirrors) and wheelbase of 3100 mm.


In addition to the total of 8 airbags (4 for the driver and 4 for the passenger) and 2 racing 6-point seatbelts / harnesses (one for the driver and one for the passenger), Arcanum will have numerous innovative Alieno structural, dynamic and active intelligent safety systems.


Arcanum will possess multiple innovative Alieno ADAS systems (Advanced driver-assistance systems), the main one of which is called Alieno  Artificial Intelligence (AAI) or “The Alien” (TA). In reality the car is an “alien” (“alien robot”, “intelligent robot on wheels”), who assists the driver, prevents him from making mistakes and teaches him how to improve his driving skills, habits and style, with the sole purpose of being able to explore and use the full potential of the car.


ARCANUM has front and rear innovative ALIENO robotic suspension with double wishbone with push-rod and rocker arm architecture, along with adjustable anti-roll bar. Electronically adjustable dampers and active ride-height, fully independent per wheel. With memory, factory modes and custom user modes.


Arcanum will have Alieno all-wheel steering, given that in addition to the main front steering system controlled by the driver through the steering wheel, which controls the steering of the front wheels, ARCANUM also has active, robotic and adaptive rear steering system, that can turn the rear wheels up to 3 degrees in either direction for faster and more confident cornering, better maneuverability, increased stability and more grip. (not sure what we mean)


Arcanum will have three braking systems: Alieno hydraulic braking system, Alieno regenerative electromagnetic braking system (which is expected to become the main braking system in the future for all Alieno models) and Alieno robotic air braking system. Optionally, a fourth braking system is also available – Alieno air brake parachute system with drag racing parachutes.


To ensure better grip with the road surface, Arcanum is designed with an extremely wide front and rear tires (which are the same in size), mounted on Alieno robotic pre-preg carbon-kevlar wheels.


Alieno will manufacture Arcanum through customer pre-orders only. Each of the cars will be assembled by hand entirely by the team of Alieno and the components of the car will be manufactured by hi-tech machines in the factory of Alieno in Bulgaria, which is in the process of building and expansion.


Alieno Arcanum THF will be available for pre-orders at the following base prices: 1 600 000 EUR for the RP2 version, 1 900 000 EUR for the RP3 version, 2 200 000 EUR for the RP4 version and 2 500 000 EUR for the RP5 version. ALIENO ARCANUM TRS is available for pre-order at a base price starting from 2 800 000 EUR and going up to 4 300 000 EUR depending on its version. The delivery time varies from 18 to 30 months, depending on the chosen modification (STR, TRC or RCE) and other options chosen by the customer.

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