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The factory of Alieno, which is under construction is based in Tuhovishta, Bulgaria. At this initial stage, it is located on an area of nearly 15 000 square meters.

In the factory of Alieno, there will be huge specialized production halls with a total built-up area of about 12 000 square meters, in which the initial production of the Alieno hypercars will take place. Even just the preparation of the terrain for laying the foundations of the halls was a large-scale task in which Alieno has invested huge resources.

As Tuhovishta is located in the beautiful and mythical Rhodope Mountains (Rhodopes), the terrain is mountainous. For the leveling and overall modeling of the terrain of the Alieno factory for laying the foundations of the halls, about 30 000 cubic meters of earth mass and rocks were excavated, moved and re-laid.

A complete reconstruction and renovation of one of the existing buildings with a total built-up area of about 1100 square meters was made, which Alieno is currently using for its headquarters and R&D center until the completion of the larger new buildings.

Please enjoy the 3D model of the future factory below.

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