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hypercars of the future

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About Us

the ambition to become an industry leader

(the whole text needs to be rewritten)ALIENO designs, develops and is ramping production of all-electric hypercars with futuristic sports design with instant WOW! effect, racing capabilities, robotic systems, active aerodynamics, artificial intelligence and phenomenal power.

Founded in 2015 in Slashten, Bulgaria, ALIENO will create hypercars from the future, built on the passion, vision and knowledge of its founder, CEO and CTO, Ahmed Merchev.

ALIENO all-electric hypercars have brutal technical superiority and are entirely own in-house development of ALIENO Ltd, based on own innovative patented technologies.

The name of the brand is derived from the Italian word “alieno”, which means “alien”.

Since the all-electric hypercars ALIENO are an own in-house development of ALIENO Ltd, this allows them to be manufactured, improved and perfected within the company and to directly guarantee and control their high technical parameters and innovations in every aspect.

To achieve its goals, ALIENO relies on its own innovative technology solutions and know-how, its own production facilities and its own talented R&D, production and administrative team, with which the complete cycle closes, from the idea to the realization of the finished commercial products.

In this connection, except of design, development and production of the electric hypercars, ALIENO is building its own manufacturing factory with campus, test track and design, research and development (R&D) department.

The factory of ALIENO, which is in process of building and expansion, is based in Tuhovishta, Bulgaria.

For the manufacturing of the ALIENO hypercars, in the factory of ALIENO have already been delivered all major production machines.

It is expected, ALIENO to present many new models all-electric hypercars. They will be offered at prices equal to the prices of the already presented ARCANUM and UNUM models, while having similar technical and dynamic characteristics, but entirely different exterior designs. With that, ALIENO aims to cover different design styles, thus enlarging the reach and potential customers, offering a car for each individual taste.

Unlike other car brands, ALIENO is not limited to a specific design style, but rather from the very beginning, will offer cars in any of the main design styles, including rounded with soft shapes, more moderate and conservative, sharp-edged with aggressive shapes, brutally-aggressive and futuristic designs. This is possible, since all ALIENO hypercars are entirely custom handmade and in small series, taking into account the exact personal preferences of each individual client. Furthermore, all models with the same body style, for example 2-door / 2-seater Coupe, are based on the same basic modular platform, developed and produced by ALIENO, so for changing the exterior design and offering many models with entirely different exterior vision, it is not necessary to modify the whole production line, which costs millions, like the conventional auto manufacturers must.

Despite this variety, the leading design style of ALIENO, is aggressive shapes with sharp edges, with sharp transitions between the surfaces, but not overburdened, rather elegant. The main colors of the brand are blue, black, grey and carbon.

Despite of the variety and differences in the design styles, the DNA of the brand is integrated into each of the ALIENO models and provides a hypercar from the future with brutal technical superiority.

For funding its activity, in 2021 ALIENO opened Series A investment round, with which it aims to attract 9 million EUR foreign investments for 10% equity stake in the company, at a company’s valuation in 2021 of 90 million EUR (about 100 million USD). The minimum possible amount of investment within this round, is 900 EUR, for a share of 0.001% of the company.

Majority shareholder in ALIENO is the founder, CEO and CTO, Ahmed Merchev.

The man behind the company

Ahmed Merchev founded ALIENO in 2015 at the age of 31, with a mission to create hypercars with “alien” technologies from the future into the present.

To this end, he develops the basic technologies of the ALIENO hypercars and provides the initial funding for their creation, investing in ALIENO his own money that he has made in his other successful businesses in the field of robotics and electronics.

Ahmed Merchev discovered in his early childhood his passion for electronics, robotics, cybernetics, design and automobiles. At that time, he mastered the basics of electronics on his own and designed his first devices. Subsequently, developing professionally in these fields, he made his first inventions ranging from hobby metal detectors to full-size humanoid robots.

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